Goodbye PSST 2014

Kinda sad to write this post and seems also unreal right now but the official part of the intensive program is … over.

Thanks to all readers and authors, it’s been a pleasure.


Personal Learning Environment

Niklas presented his personal learning environment which contains various things like news, music, calender, mail and so on.

Afterwards we discussed in small dwarven groups about weakness, advantages of PLE in formal education. The groups presented their topics in one minute which worked out quite well again. The discussion wasn’t that long maybe because it was all said before.

Portuguese project for Tablets in Schools

The groups presents a project in southern Portugal for 7th graders (12/13 year old) which went for one year and ended in June. Unfortunately they could not tell us what kind of tablet they used. It seems like they used Microsoft (Win8) tablets. One statistic they presented was that 62% haven’t installed one single app while 3% installed 10 or more apps. They want to use a tablet from a company named Magalhães to implement tablets in a larger scale:

We had to make a sketch about an advantage or disadvantage of the future classroom. Some were really creative and about various topics.

Communication/ Dating in the 21st century

The first SIG presentation started with the popular video “Look Up”.

They led us through the basic discussion about what communication in the 21st century is, how dating and also education has changed. The main part was to let people reflect on their own way of using technology and maybe change the ‘rules’ of behaviour within society.